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Sat. Jan.28--C.I.A. [Califlornia Institute of Abnormalarts]---North Hollywood --Blake Jones & the Trike Shop
This is the 2nd evening of a two-day festival celebrating the monthly series of concerts called "Big Stir". It's put on by our friends from the Armoires. I hope all of our L.A. Area friends can come on down to support and enjoy. We're playing with several other groups (These shows have been an ongoing attempt to create a community among the local bands.---Thank you Rex Boone for your work.) See us with Suite 101 (from San Diego) , Robby Rist, and Ruby Free. 11334 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood. Show's at 8pm. $10  See you there! The venue seems worth a visit--even w/o this wonderful show....
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link to a bit about C.I.A.

Sunday. Feb.12th--Full Circle Brewery--Fresno's historic Chinatown--Blake Jones & the Trike Shop  & a host of friends!                                                                     Here comes our annual party spreading the word and raising a few bucks for our local Food Not Bombs friends. There is always lots of good music, lots of good food (potluck dinner included!!), and a whole crowd of fun people to hang around with. All this *plus*: the fine liquid refreshment made by the Full Circle people---beers and a wonderful homemade rootbeer! AND it's an all-ages good time show. 6:00-9:30 $10 [Musical acts to be announced very soon!]   link to Full Circle Brewery, directions, etc. -clickity click

And, while you're waiting for these dates to get here, do you notice that you still haven't completed your Trike Shop CD/or dowload collection?....or you have friends in need of the gift of some splendiforous music?... Just click here! Just click now!

Older, but still fascinating info...

Work continues on recording a new Trike Shop album. One of those bits of work involves the completion of a new group of songs. One of those groups of songs came from a recent solo show that  premiered at this year's Rogue Performance Festival. It's called "Art: Why Do We Bother?". It's a work that was dealing with Art's place in the world. The "reason(s)" we need Music, etc. 

The blog giving you a day-by-day look at this past Spring's European Tour can be viewed here: 

(below is the tour in a nutshell) 

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop       European Tour 2015!

The tour begins with two dates in Liverpool as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival--both are at the world-famous  Cavern Club

[click blue links for details/directions to venues.]

Sun. May 17-- 12:45 matinee show @ The Cavern Club (front room stage)

Sun. May 17--5:45 evening show @  The Cavern Club (back room stage)

Tues. May 19 @ The Thirsty Scholar--Manchester, UK

Wed. May 20 @ The Tiger Lounge--Manchester, UK

Fri., May 22nd--7:30pm @ The Zanzibar in Liverpool, UK   We're sharing the bill w/ Liverpool's singer/songwriter extraordinare Maxi Dunn.

Then we're travelling to the South, doinig some promotional stops in London and Brighton, before heading across the channel to Germany.

Thurs., May 28th @ The Tube --Dusseldorf, Germany

Fri., May 29th @ The Irish Pub--Hilden, Germany

Our  newest video "The Girl in the Camera Obscura" is receiving tons of accolades
(click here to watch),

Also brewing for 2015: Trike Shop drummer John Shafer and I are involved in finsihing up a record  of our Harp/Theremin trio called "TriOblique". The album has the working title of "Dark Hallows," and of course, features our friend Ellie Choate on the classical harp.

As mentioned on this site before, my  show from 2014's Rogue Festival: "Can Death Be Stayed by a Catchy Chorus" was recorded and filmed, but with so much going on, I'm not sure exactly how I'd like  to make this available. With so much going on, so please keep your eye on this site as these various projects come to fruition!

               Recent good things:
             This is actually old news, but since I only recently noticed it, I'm calling it 'new'. The other night I was skimming through an old issue of Endless Summer Quarterly, a magazine that covers Surf Music/Culture and it's close relatives, and found a review of the Trike Shop's "Underground Garden" album. This cool little glossy mag has been laying in my room for 3 years; I guess I'd skipped that page! From their Spring 2011 issue: "Bustling with a strong Beatles-Who punch, this 15 track album has one surprise after another. The real charm is the glorious abandon that Jones and the Trike Shop put into every recording."  Oh yeah. That's one worth clipping out and saving!

                Twirl Radio ( of Sacramento recently reviewed their favorite indie releases of last  year (2013) and named our song "Girl in the Camera Obscura" from the CD "Teasers from the Whispermaphone" as their #1 song of the year. Thanks Twirl Radio! Click here to get your copy of this tune!


Have you seen this?                      

"Ross Used to Play Us His Frank Zappa Records/Cold Pepsi & Croutons". Click  here to watch it. Click. An extensive dig through the vaults of Whispermaphone Studios, yielded a daunting stack of video and film bits. Cut together with recent film footage from a show in San Francisco, this tune, long a concert and fan favorite, finally gets the visual treatment it deserves. Thanks to multi-talented TrikeShopBassMan Martin Hansen for making this, and to friend Marcel Nunis' Apithany Pictures  for the  50 Mason Social Hall footage.

TWO newish albums to collect and cherish !           

                                   Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Teasers from the Whispermaphone                                  #1 A new Trike Shop album called "Teasers from the Whispermaphone" is finished and available here

#2 After months of crazed, local-band exciting new-concept compilation album called "Fresno Covers Fresno" is available HERE--click that mouse, baby. 16 local bands, covering 16 *other* local bands. It includes  an exclusive performance by the Trike Shop (covering a Poplord song), as well as a recording of another Fresno-area band, Jet Electro, playing a Trike Shop number.

Curious about this Fresno Covers Fresno compilation project? Click here.

Explore our blog. Click here.

Do you have our last full-length Trike Shop CD "The Underground Garden"?      (click here to buy the album)

Have you checked out our youtube page ? Our bass man, Martin Hansen has collected several videos of the band! Click here.


(and some posts from the past...)


The 2011 UK Tour

 As we plan a more extensive European Tour, we still like to look back and reminisce about the good times we had during our :

UK Tour 2011 (click here to see the blog [it runs in reverse order as you scroll down--last day, next to last day, next to next to last get the picture.])           

The basic outline went like this:

9 days on the ground, 7 public performances:                            Sunday, May 22(Liverpool) --The Cavern--two shows(front/rear stages) Monday, May 23 (Liverpool)--The Cavern Pub                             Wednesday, May 25 (Manchester) Access to Music College &     TheTigerLounge                                                                              Sunday, May 28 (London) The Bull & Gate: 2 sets

Thanks to all of you for your support and well-wishes! Special thanks to the International Pop Overthrow Festival who's shows provided the backbone of the tour. Thanks to singer/songwriter Olly Neasham and his family for putting us up and helping us out through the Bolton/Manchester leg of our trip. Check out Neasham's music here: 


This is Vintage Now---check out this project from our friend David Gasten in Denver:

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop's instrumental track "If Hawthorne Were Foggy" appears on This is Vintage Now, a collection of ten artists who bring the sounds of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's to today. Blake Jones and the Trike Shop appear on this compilation alongside artists such as living saxophone legend Big Jay McNeely and Dutch chart-topper Caro Emerald. Caro Emerald has in the last year gone multi-platinum in many countries throughout Europe, and her album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor (2010) is currently in the top ten in the BBC pop charts.
This is Vintage Now is available on MP3 from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other prominent online retailers. Visit the Blake Jones and the Trike Shop artist page ( ) at to learn more about the Vintage and experimental side of Blake Jones and the Trike Shop's sound.
This is Vintage Now is available on MP3 from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other prominent online retailers. Visit the Blake Jones and the Trike Shop artist page at to learn more about the Vintage and experimental side of Blake Jones and the Trike Shop's sound.
--------------------------------and here's a review of a song from last  year's Theremins of Mystery CD which was included recently on the This is Vintage Now compliation. The review is from the blog:Tart Deco's  American Popular Music [click here; we're about the 9th tune from the top].   My favorite line: " It's as if Brian Wilson and Duane Eddy decided to cover a Sean Lennon song at a circus. "

Here are a few nice reviews of the Blake Jones & the Trike Shop cd, The Underground Garden: (click here)




What? you still haven't caught up your collection and purchased the *last* couple o' Trike Shop records??? Quickly now. Try here……and  here.)


Haven't got "Theremins of Mystery?

Click here to buy now!

Places to buy locally in the Fresno area:  Yoshi Now!   Spinners Records

 Odds n’ Ends you might have missed:

Here’s a link to some performance videos that we did up in Sacramento --thanks James & Raina for making it possible!         Included are four songs and some interviews. 

For a short one song teaser of the above go to



(and click HERE (go half-way down the page) for that radio chart that shows Blake Jones & The Trike Shop at #8 in [the former Yugoslavian town of] Belgrade, Serbia! (and you thought we were making that up!)

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