Winter fades to the Rite of Spring...

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The New Trike Shop album  is in production....CD, Vinyl, Download Card....coming soon...a Record Release Party is planned for Sunday, May 6 at Fulton 55 in Fresno...and slightly after at a venue in Los here for details!...

THE ROGUE FESTIVAL....yes...Rogue Fest #17?!?!?! Watch for "Does Fresno Get Into Your Stuff?"...a show exploring the idea of how "place" affects "art". March 3rd,4th, 9th, and 10th. with a cast of thousands! (ok, about a dozen) including: Jaguar Bennet, Donald Munro, Patrick Contreras, Tony Martin, John Clifton, Bryan Medina, Suzanne Bertz-Rosa, Roger Perry, Stephen Provost, Aileen Imperatrice, Aideed Medina, and Marcel Nunis. Super details at....  CLICK HERE.

and Then....have you been thinking, 'Wow, This website is one of my very very very favorite...but it might be a little tatty....might need a little updating?.....Well...with Blake Jones & the Trike Shop releasing a new album, and then taking off for their FOURTH EUROPEAN TOUR this Summer...shouldn't they have a little...more ...updated....up-to-date website?...well... just you's coming.....thanks to Beckie Tetrault.....oh here..

Also Also:
The Trike Shop is now on Twitter. Grab on @trike_shop  

Can't wait to view some video of the band? Click this way to our youtube channel!

We did our third overseas trip in May 2015. (We're in the middle of planning our next.) To cruise through our day-by-day blog of the last tour...just clickity click  here.

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